Thursday, January 22, 2009

In lieu of another determination, please feel free to view this video, shot by the great Stacie Wilhelm, in which one half of the What Is Breakfast Committee discusses the menu at an all-day-breakfast joint called Toast:

(In case you were curious, the pronounced lisp that may be heard in this short film/documentary is the result of an allergic reaction contracted by said committee member, which caused her tongue to swell up and overlap her teeth*. Her speech impediment is not normally this obvious.)

*I am not even joking.


Jordan said...

Here's a review for you: I wish my life's biggest dilemmas hadn't gone unresolved for like three months now.

Leftover Valentine's said...

Jordan, I couldn't agree more. I hope you joined me in hurling vicious insults at the screen while Jessy lisped away.

carly said...

stacie's captions are officially the best thing ever. i can be happy about that because i've already had my query answered. but i feel for the rest of you.

JASON said...

your lisp is cute. you should be allergic more often.

could you do the Dempsey's menu next time?

jls said...

jordan and david: just remember, you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar. although flies are Not Breakfast. so i'm not sure if that saying is helpful or not.

carly: thanks for your support.

jason: thanks for thinking my pain is adorable. you're a true friend.
also, i'll look into the menu-determinations-video-blog series as a possibility.