Monday, September 29, 2008

Dear "What Is Breakfast" Committee:

Is a (crunchy) peanut butter sandwich and a granola bar breakfast?


Meal-Confused in Chicago

Jessy: This actually may be the most serious candidate for Breakfast we've seen thus far. A granola bar - although the type is a little ambiguous here - is generally a breakfast food, and often even a nutritious one at that. The crunchy peanut butter sandwich is a bit more tricky. I have clarified with the inquirer that it was, as advertised, simply a peanut butter sandwich, rather than a peanut butter & jelly sandwich. For me, this is an important distinction. Peanut butter & jelly sandwiches have, for better or for worse, a strong "lunch" association. Whereas I find peanut butter on toast to be a perfectly acceptable breakfast food: it starts the day with protein and in many cases hearty whole grains as well. (I neglected to ask the inquirer about the type of bread they were using in this sandwich - which may prove disastrous.) Putting it in a sandwich form does nudge it a bit in the direction of lunch, however. And of course a balanced breakfast would include some sort of fruit, even if just a glass of unconcentrated orange juice - but I realise that we are working simply for Breakfast here, not a Balanced Breakfast. But does the sandwich aspect compromise the overall breakfastyness of Meal-Confused in Chicago's dining experience?

I would concur that Meal-Confused presents a very strong contention for the status of Breakfast in the peanut butter sandwich and granola bar combination. However, I will admit that said combination's remarkable resemblance to Lunch does give one pause, for surely, submitting a meal of identical contents to a What Is Lunch Committee (should one exist) would almost certainly produce an instant and unanimous yea. But, again, the lack of jelly does weigh in favor of breakfast (though, ironically, jelly by itself or in combination with cream cheese remains a most-popular breakfast condiment - ah the never-ending mystery that is Breakfast!). Finally, all hesitation must be cast aside when we consider the crucial detail of chunky peanut butter as opposed to smooth, for chunky peanut butter simply carries with it a fantastic-ness that makes the world a better place. Its inclusion not only authenticates the breakfastyness of the meal, but also the general good character of Meal-Confused in Chicago. My vote: Heck Yeah Breakfast.

Jessy votes: An Irony-Laden Breakfast.

The Committee's Final Vote Is:

(crunchy) peanut butter sandwich and a granola bar is Indeed Breakfast.


Amazing Dan(Jor) said...

Gotta love the fantastic-ness of crunchy peanut butter and the of the word fantastic-ness! Thanks for bringing joy to my otherwise dull life. btw this is Mrs. Ellen and I don't know how to change from Jordan's account.

jls said...

It is fantastic, is it not?

Thanks for identifying yourself, Mrs. Ellen. I was wondering who DanJor was. :)